We are excited to announce that St. Mark’s School has formalized its commitment to sustainability by releasing its robust Sustainability Strategic Plan to the public. Coalesce partnered with St. Mark’s School to develop its Sustainability Plan, a roadmap to actualize sustainability as an institutional priority. The planning process involved nearly sixty five stakeholders (25% of the School’s community), spanning all areas of campus life. Students, faculty, staff, senior leadership, and trustees were directly involved in developing the goals and strategies guiding the Plan. Six working groups comprised of diverse campus stakeholders assessed efforts and practices in domains of sustainability including climate and energy; waste reduction and recycling; water; food and dining; landscape management; supply chain management; governance; investment; inclusion and access; health, wellness, and safety. Overseen by the Sustainability Steering Committee and facilitated and managed by Coalesce, the Plan is closely aligned with St. Mark’s strategic initiative of global citizenship and the School’s educational outcomes. This alignment encourages collaboration throughout offices and areas of campus life to achieve and advance shared sustainability goals.

St. Mark’s Sustainability Plan equips the school with a comprehensive path forward that embraces sustainability as an institutional priority. The community is empowered and has already begun working on the goals and strategies outlined in the Plan. This year Coalesce is helping the Sustainability Steering Committee accomplish some of the Plan’s goals including developing a Sustainable Purchasing Policy and creating a sustainability web page that captures all the activities underway. Please reach out to Sierra (sierra@coalesce.earth) if you would like more information on the inclusive planning process that Coalesce facilitated at St. Mark’s School.