SUSTAINnovate – Convening K-12 Schools

On May 25th sustainability practitioners from independent schools across the state gathered…

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Businesses as Drivers of Change: Exploring B Corps and Benefit Corporations

Schools are increasingly taking initiative to ensure that their purchasing aligns with their…

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The Evolving Landscape of Composting in the Northeast

While waste does not exist in natural systems, it certainly does in the built environment in which…

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Bryant Earns STARS Silver

When stakeholders are actively engaged in the STARS submittal process, the tool serves as more than…

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Bold Sustainability Plan at St. Mark’s School

We are excited to announce that St. Mark’s School has formalized its commitment to sustainability…

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Key Takeaways from the World Symposium on Sustainable Development

Collaboration between campuses, cities, and regions is vital in order to achieve international…

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Furthering Regional Collaboration

The Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium (NECSC) is a regional network that connects and…

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Announcing the Launch of Coalesce

We are excited to announce the launch of Coalesce, a Campus Sustainability Accelerator dedicated to…

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Introducing the Coalesce.Earth Podcast

The goal of the podcast is to connect sustainability professionals with thought leaders from the campus sustainability field and beyond to generate more connectivity, assess the needs of the field, and synthesize innovations that will define the future of campus sustainability.

Adaptive Leadership, Wendy Purcell

What is our leadership paradigm and is it working? Join President Emeritus Wendy Purcell as she shares her philosophy around adaptive leadership and her experiences on the effects of leadership on organizational performance.

Unlocking Endowments for Impact, Georges Dyer

What are the facts, case studies, myths, and barriers to shifting how endowments are invested? Explore the evolving field of impact investing with Georges Dyer, Principal from the Intentional Endowments Network.

Community Resilience, Anne Waple

In this conversation Anne Waple, climate change consultant and CEO of Studio30K, walks us through steps needed for campuses to understand vulnerabilities and assess and plan for resilience.

Sustainability in the University of California System, Matt St. Clair

Collaboration between campuses is key to achieve sustainability goals. In this podcast we speak with Matt St. Clair, Director of Sustainability at the University of California System, to learn about what’s happening in his state.

Sustainability and Social Justice, Dave Newport

We need to broaden the language we use to talk about sustainability and the communities we include in the conversation. Attention needs to be paid to the social and economic components of sustainability otherwise we will never meet our goals. Dave Newport, Director of the Environmental Center at UC Boulder, shares passionately about his experiences, broadening the scope of the conversation.

Education for Sustainability, Katie Ginsberg and Alan Cass

What is needed to transform learning? Join us in a conversation with Katie Ginsberg and Alan Cass of the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF), where we explore how sustainability can be integrated into school curricula through training teachers and evolving curricula to reflect the interconnected nature of the challenges we face.

Climate Leadership, Tim Carter

What is the role of higher education in leading climate action? We explore the carbon commitment, resilience commitment, and other Second Nature programs with Tim Carter, President of Second Nature. We discuss the barriers of and progress in advancing campus sustainability.

Healthy Buildings, Erika Eitland

“Children are not little adults” and the built environment in which we learn makes a significant difference in our cognitive functioning and performance. Learn more about the Healthy Buildings research at the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health with Erika Eitland.

Next Gen Leaders, Eban Goodstein

“Education is about changing people’s minds. Policy is changing the rules. Business is transforming organizations.” Eban Goodstein, Director of Graduate Education in Sustainability at Bard College shares his perspective on sustainability careers, outlines how Bard’s graduate programs are designed, and what is needed to prepare the next generation of leaders.