We are excited to announce the launch of Coalesce, a Campus Sustainability Accelerator dedicated to building cohesive and enduring campus sustainability initiatives. The Accelerator partners with schools to build their institutional capacity to practice sustainability by providing facilitation and coaching, co-created solutions, and connection with a wide range of experts.

Coalesce is taking the accelerator model found in the innovation ecosystem to spur business ideas and investment opportunities, and applying it to the education sector. Founded on the belief that educational institutions are uniquely poised to lead innovation and problem solving for 21st century challenges, the accelerator model adapted for schools will expedite solutions for sustainability on the local, regional, and global scale. Coalesce’s mission is to transform campus communities into labs for modeling and scaling sustainable development through demonstration, education, and collaboration.

The Accelerator is focused on four fundamental core competency areas that ensure an effective, ever improving campus sustainability initiative: assessment and benchmarking, governance and leadership, planning and measurement, and capacity and execution. These focus areas are informed by years of practicing and researching sustainability initiatives and working with thought leading practitioners.

This summer, Coalesce spun out of EcoMotion’s Campus Services division to pursue the accelerator model. The name means to bring disparate parts together. In this spirit,Coalesce is creating greater connectivity within and between campus communities. EcoMotion is excited for Coalesce in this next chapter, and will continue to consult for campuses, cities, and corporations focusing on energy management, efficiency, storage, and renewables. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity that EcoMotion has provided in laying the groundwork for this new venture.

Please check out the website and get connected as a participant, expert, or collaborator: www.coalesce.earth